DOWN BUT NOT OUT by Brian Roper

Posted: July 9, 2007 in The Roper Files

Monday morning…phoned work, told ’em I’m not coming in today. Can’t even THINK about putting on a pair of jeans; anything tight hurts too much. Still having to wear my loosest clothing. Dressing creatively; can’t grab just anything. Even some of my favorite pairs of shorts are too tight, or the waistbands are anyway.  They rub right across the incision. Ouch!

The surgeon told me to take a week off, but I’m afraid of winding up on the “hey-we-get-along-just-fine-without-him” list. Maybe Wednesday; still can’t do any lifting, though. Despite everything, I actually feel pretty good. Been taking vitamins and eating better. More veggies, more fruits. In fact, I’m feeling good enough to the point where I’m getting bored and restless. Been taking walks and don’t feel any worse for wear, other than the damn mosquitos chewing me a new one. 

Trying to wean myself from the pain-killers; I’m even taking less asprin. Still there are occasional reminders. Getting into bed last night, I stretched my legs just far enough to hurt.  Need to be careful still.  Reaching for things on high shelves is uncomfortable.   I’m not eighteen anymore and my body is quick to remind me of it this week. Cabin fever will hit me hard if I take a week off. Other than working on this and my Flickr site, not much to do. Need to mow the yard, but there ain’t no way that’s gonna happen this week. Cleaned the apartment Thursday morning; it still looks good. Need a haircut; could do that. My truck is filthy, but according to the tv there’s a 20-40 percent chance of rain all the rest of the week. No point in washing it.

The worms I blogged about last week that have over-run the house for the last three weeks seem to have subsided; the place needs to be pressure-washed. Everything is slimed by those little bastards. It’s the first time in three weeks I’ve felt comfortable opening my front door. But now the flies have gotten thick as uh…flies. Been swatting them non-stop since I got back from the hospital, probably something I shouldn’t be doing.

I could practice my guitars, maybe actually visit the nearby museums. Getting antsy already, though. Getting tired of seeing non-stop TRANSFORMERS commercials on TV. Quit buying tickets to that 90-minute toy commercial and go see SICKO! What the hell is wrong with you people?

Feeling half-guilty about missing work; not that I MISS it but…This is a definite sign I’m getting better. When I’m tired of taking it easy, I’ve gotta be getting better. But I’m still gonna take at least a couple of days off. Gotta mend; gotta heal.

A couple of days off can only heal me. Getting off that routine of Fritos, Coca-Cola, coffee (take that back; guess what I’m guzzling now) and baloney sandwiches has got to do me some good. Between that and the job-related stress, it’s a miracle I haven’t had a stroke like so many other people have in recent years where I work.

Relax. Unwind. Spend the day listening to cool jazz. Sounds like a plan.



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