Posted: June 17, 2007 in The Roper Files

Just got through scanning captioning and tagging another set of photos; this one was from a trip to Los Angeles I made in September of 2001, very briefly after the September 11 uh…”attack”

 My flight out there was originally booked for September 13; obviously I wasn’t going to make that one.  American Airlines started announcing massive lay-offs almost immediately so when I called the airline to re-schedule I felt like I was on some sort of thin ice talking to someone on the phone who was probably worried sick about getting fired on top of the shock everyone was under. To my amazement, it was easy to get re-scheduled for two weeks later.

Everyone at work told me I was crazy to fly out there, but I was bored silly after another hot, humid sticky Texas summer and dying for a vacation. Screw the terrorists; they weren’t winning this one. It was too early for the real nightmare stories about airport security to have gotten started. I strolled through DFW with ease, but on the way back through Burbank, I almost missed the flight back standing in a long security line for 90 minutes and having my ankles  groped by a female security guard of some Middle-East origin. OK I have a foot-long ponytail, I’m wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses at 7 in the morning; what did I expect?  Both jets I took between DFW and the Burbank airport were half-empty; everyone eyeing each other nervously. Even festive Venice Beach had an unusually quiet pallor over it.   Anyways, click this here link:  for the photos.



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