FILE 23- TOO HOT FOR GOOGLE? by Brian Roper

Posted: May 12, 2007 in The Roper Files

Less than a year ago, I wrote an article here called “Google This!” which can be read at the following link:  If you go to Google and type it into their search engine, it can’t be found. Why is this? On a recent search, I came up with a half-dozen articles with similar titles, but no File23. On MSNs search engine my name comes up with two recent blogs on the first page.Go to Google, I don’t exist. The number of Brian Roper imposters has grown, however. Turns out there’s another File23magazine out there now that wasn’t around in July as well.

I thought there wasn’t supposed to be censorship on the InterNet; shows how much I know. As subtle as a suckerpunch.



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