Posted: April 28, 2007 in The Roper Files

You may or may not have bothered to check out our file23 photos on the right-hand side-bar, but I also have my own Flickr PhotoPage which you can get to clicking  this link….   or typing my name into the search engine (specify the “people” link  on the search page, or you get some fat bald imposter using my name) 

The whole process of scanning, labeling and tagging these photos is a time-consuming thing at best, but more are on the way. My fellow File23 co-conspirator Brandon has been slightly less elusive than Cranky The Clown for the last few months. Maybe he’s just been busy, or maybe it’s me always bitching at him about the site needing more pictures. It’s not like we don’t have any, photography being one of my many modest hobbies. 

When Brandon and I started File 23 seven years ago it was a quirk, God knows neither of us thought we would still be at it this long. We started out with me typing our text on a manual typewriter and then having Brandon post  it.  Two computers later and with the greatest of patience and diligence, Brandon taught me what little I know about computers and the page in front of you is the result. So you can thank or blame him as well as myself as you see fit.  2007 has been an interesting year so far for File23; besides doing most of the writing, I’ve been forced to assume the role of editor as well .  I’ve also discovered I can post my own text, but posting pictures isn’t as easyas text.  So until I figure this out, please bear with me in the meantime and look for my Flickr page.  



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