Posted: April 26, 2007 in The Roper Files

Came in from work twelve hours ago SO  pissed off; my truck is running terribly. The engine acts like it’s choking for fuel and dies when I pull up to a red light or a stop sign. Didn’t think I was going to make it home. I’ve already had it in the garage once this month; the mechanic told me it was fixed. But I’m here, and in one piece.I’m taking a vacation day off today. Haven’t used any of my vacation time since January; I think a four-day weekend is in order.Showered, fed the cats, ate dinner and slept for nine straight hours. Now I’m up pre-dawn drinking my delicious coffee and my anger has melted away like some monstrous ice sculpture.

There are but a few pieces of wood and a slab of sheet-rock between me and that damn truck; got to go wrangle with the mechanic later. But I just don’t care. It’s no problem.

Funny how a good nights sleep can put a whole new tilt on things. I was ready to strangle somebody twelve hours ago (in a purely allegorical sense of course) Now I’m all about love and peace. Go figure.

The news is on but my television is not. Don’t need the negativity today. And if I do turn it on, it will be to watch something fun.

Just to prove I’m the biggest hypocrite in the world, I scramble to the tv. Oh God what am I missing? Oh boy INCIDENT AT LOCH NESS for the 400th time? Hell yeah!

As I patiently wait for the part where Kitana Baker peels down to her patriotic red,white and blue micro-bikini (boing!) I think it’s about how it’s a good thing my employer never reads my blogs. If he only knew he was paying me to watch this, GAMERA (“Tommy, stay away from that giant turtle!”) , Green Acres and I Love Lucy…but there was nothing to do when I left yesterday; caught up.

The sun is just now making its appearance. The sky is that delightful shade of red and blue I remember seeing on the ceiling of the planetarium of the former Childrens Museum down the street when I was a kid when they were simulating sunrise. The house next door and the trees form a surreal collage of silhouettes against the rising sun. My own private planetarium.

Birds are singing in the nearby trees and the only sound I can hear from my neighbors is them leaving for work. Be gone!

Another cup of coffee! I am so indescribably happy to not have to go work today; I really needed this extra day off and the full effect of this realization is just now sinking in.

Weighing my options is almost too much. I could walk down to the cafe down the street for breakfast. Thinking about the soaking I’m probably going to get from the mechanic, I probably will go down the store across the street from the Museum and get one of Lupe’s breakfast burritos instead which are only a couple of bucks.

Need to go get my eyes examined (long overdue but mo’ money as well) but I’ve got to get the truck to the mechanic. There’s always changing my guitar strings, a task so tedious I’ll get off my pimply ass and go edge and mow the yard first. Rained hard two days ago though, so it’s still too damp out there to do that. I could just drag out a lawn chair and watch the sun come up; not a bad idea.

Fix myself yet another cup of coffee. Onscreen the Beverly Hillbillies are being flim-flammed by Milburn Drysdale for the ten-billionth time. Ha ha!

I’m in a rare good mood today and when I say rare I mean so rare it makes me feel somewhat uneasy. I’m really more used to being pissed off and angry, so it’s a little disconcerting for me to be even halfway happy. It would be easy enough to be mad about that damn truck, but it ‘s just not simmering yet. Don’t like to use too many of my precious vacation days during the first half of the year if I can avoid it. Breaking one of my own rules; bad Brian!

A wasted day and a wonderful day at the same time; talk about your yin-yang. Didn’t think that was real; shows how much I know. You learn something every day.




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