IMUS BUT I CANNOT by Brian Roper

Posted: April 14, 2007 in The Roper Files

There’s a reason Don Imus’ TV show was on at 3 in the morning.  Tried watching him once; just like CNN colostomy bag Bill O’Reilly, his typical response to everyone who phoned in was to call them an idiot and hang up on them. So this week he managed to get himself on the public radar with some carelessly worded remarks about the Rutgers womens basketball team. Whoops!

Now he is undergoing the same public pennance as Michael Richards; the obligatory meetings with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the public genuflection and tearful apologies etc.     Unlike Richards, Imus has no SEINFELD dvd residuals coming in to pay the utilities or the house and car payments. His show is off the air. 

Sacked.  Laid off.  The bums rush.  Fired.  Downsized.  Dumped.

Happy, Rev. Al?   Hey, there IS such a thing as bad publicity.

To his credit, Mr. Imus did have a face-to-face meeting with the Rutgers basketball team, who have publicly accepted his apology. If he truly convinced them of the sincerity of his apology (and WHO would be a better judge?) you would think that would be the end of the matter. Rev Al is having no part of it however. So much for alleged Christian forgiveness, one can only suppose. Would it be safe to guess Reverend Al is going to continue his campaign to its logical extension and go after the countless rappers who are even more hateful and proudly misogynist towards women than Imus and his flippant remarks? End their careers with the same zero-tolerance, take-no-prisoners attitude? Yeah, I’m holding my breath on that one.BR

April 14 2007


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