Posted: April 1, 2007 in The Roper Files

Saw the light today…and it wasn’t pretty. I’m undergoing a complete physical, mental and spiritual makeover. Going to cut my hair. Dropping bad, counterproductive habits.God, what a moron I’ve been. How can I have been so wrong about everything?

Bush, Cheney and the New World Odor NeoCon Re-Founders of our great country were right all along!

Going to go enlist in the Service tomorrow after I fabricate a forged birth certificate. Screw being overage! Bring on the IEDs, I’m ready.

You’re going to be seeing a whole new look to File23 from now on. File23’s going to make Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Michael Savages Web sites look like a bunch of old Berkeley hippies. America FUCK YEAH!

We’re going to stand up for God and country. Time to toe the line. It’s time to straighten up and fly right. Tired of getting out of the way. Anyone can follow. File23 is going to lead, dammit.

My record, book, comic and magazine collections are all going on the curb tomorrow. Material possessions can only hold me back.

Yessir, File23 will be completely different from now on.




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