Posted: March 21, 2007 in The Roper Files

I’m sitting in the laundrymat, waiting on my sheets and blankets in the washer. Two kids go running by me in a continuous loop around and around the machines.

Little girl and a little boy in tears behind her. She’s got a little rubber ball, the “super” kind that they sell in the vending machines we called gum machines when I was a kid.

And she’s loving having this toy and tormenting her little brother.

I look between the video game machines in front of me and notice another mini-“super” ball on the floor between them. Kneeling over and rolling up my newspaper, I manage to fish the ball out. Then I palm it as the kids come around the corner. I wait for them to run around the next corner and pitch the ball to where I guess is between the two of them. Hearing a squeal of high-pitched laughter, I’m pleased with my good deed until the little girl comes back around the corner with BOTH balls and her now even more agitated little brother in tears behind her.

The story of my life.

It just goes to show; you can’t win!


March 2007


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