Posted: January 21, 2007 in 2006 NEW Reviews

DVD Review by Brian Roper


( Black On Broadway and Red,White and Screwed)Comedy DVDs age pretty quickly; once you’ve seen ’em blah blah blah. Few of them stand up to multiple viewings. Enter Lewis Black.Comparisons to Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl come to mind but they don’t seem exactly what I’m looking for. Yet I’m really stuck for a better pair. Black makes no qualms about his source for material: the news media. At one point of Red White and Screwed he says: ” I might as well come out here, hang up a newspaper and say: read this!”

And his choice of material does indeed seem to write itself. On Homeland Security he says: “They just got twenty fake bombs through twenty airports SUCCESSFULLY!”

On the last word he shakes and convulses with the rage ALL of us should feel knowing that.

As anyone who has ever seen his “Back In Black” segments on the Daily Show already knows, watching Black is half the fun. He looks like he’s going to burst a blood vessel at some points of his monologues. Not since Sam Kinison have I ever seen a stand-up get so worked up at his own material. He tears into the Bush/Cheney administration with a vengence; he goes down the entire laundry list on both discs. WMDs, duct tape, Cheneys’ marksmanship, Iraq, Homeland Security, Katrina, you name it.

At one point of Red White and Screwed he says to Bush apologists through gritted teeth: “Have I got something to show you!” He then pulls a folded-up newspaper clipping out of his pocket and reads aloud a Bush speech to wounded Iraq war vets (most of whom were amputees) in a San Antonio base hospital. In this speech Bush tells the vets about a scratch on his cheek he received from cutting down a cedar tree on his Crawford ranch and how he was able to “avoid any major operations.”

Whew! You may have to rewind that one just to make sure you heard right. Show this to your conservative friends and relatives; they deserve it.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion Black won’t be hurting for material for the next couple of years?

Both of these discs were originally HBO broadcasts (2004 & 2006, respectively); so maybe you’ve already seen these. But if you’re a cheapskate like myself and don’t wanna pay extra for HBO now’s your chance.


JAN 2007


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