Posted: January 21, 2007 in 2006 NEW Reviews

 DVD Review by Brian Roper


I love FAMILY GUY; it’s easily one of the best series on TV. I love DVDs. I love my 27-inch Panasonic. I love my home theater. So what’s my problem? The kid gloves are off. This box needs a re-release.

Thirty-five bucks for 3 discs? I wouldn’t mind ordinarily except for one little thing.

The sound on this is horrendous. Everytime there’s a musical number, the orchestra is mixed LOUD and the vocals sound like they were recorded in the shower stall in the guest bedroom down the hall. Don’t believe me?

Check out the FCC song on “PTV” or the musical number in “Patriot Games” Was whoever mixed the sound on these asleep on the job? These sound terrible!

Closed captioning helps, but it shouldn’t be necessary to tell what the song lyrics are. I thought at first I was going deaf and had to watch them again to assure myself.

Love the NAKED GUN parody during the opening of “PTV” and the animation in “Sibling Rivalry” is absolutely stunning.

But someone please re-mix the sound on this thing and offer the fans some sort of exchange program; we expect better than this!

I mean really…


JAN 2007


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