Posted: January 21, 2007 in 2006 NEW Reviews

DVD review by Brian Roper

beavbutt03.jpgAs I said in my review of Volume One of this series, this is from the brief resurgence of animation in the early 90’s. The Critic, the Simpsons, Duckman and BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD all gave us some much-needed comic relief during a seriously un-funny decade.

Since I’ve reviewed Volume One, two more volumes have been released of File23s’ favorite dynamic dumbasses.

These boxes unfortuantly repeat the same formula of packaging I hated about the first volume. Each one have three discs but the third disc is nothing but the music videos that they could get the rights to and throwaway extra material. So essentially you only get two discs of Beavis and Butthead shorts with each volume. What do DVDs cost to make, about a quarter each? These retail in the neighborhood of $35-40 dollars each; they should be a little cheaper, considering you’re really only getting two discs.

And re-watching these I can’t help but think how disjointed they seem with the music videos edited out.

If you remember these from the original MTV broadcasts you shouldn’t let the above kevetching stop you from getting these however. It’s great to finally have these in a nice shiny digital format. Man, I miss watching these; KING OF THE HILL would never be this much fun.

Highlights from Volume Two/ Disc One include Lightning Strikes, Animation Sucks, Candy Sale, Oil Change, Vidiots, and Tired.

Highlights from Disc Two are Whiplash, Spare Me, Patsies, Spanish Fly, Sexual Harrassment, Bus Trip, Blood Pressure, Prank Call, Babysitting, and Buttniks.

Moving on to Volume Three Disc One…look for Sprout, Yard Sale, Shopping List, Buy Beer, Head Lice, Huh Huh Humbug and the classic Its A Miserable Life.

Highlights from Disc Two include A Great Day, Dumbasses Anonymous, Die Fly Die, Breakdown, Leave It to Beavis and Beavis And Butthead Are Dead.

So the uh, like waiting is over and stuff. So go buy ’em, you dumbasses huh huh.


JAN 2007


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