Posted: November 21, 2006 in Best of file 23

This obituary was originally posted
January 06 by Brian Roper


TV and movies lost a veteran old geezer Dec 28 who happened to be a Fort Worth native.

Pat Cranshaw (86 y.o.) passed away without a lot of fanfare here locally the Wednesday after Christmas (2005).

If there was anything in the local press, I missed it.

A Google search of his resume takes one back to the era of TVLand ( and mine ) favorites; Dragnet, Green Acres (twice), Sanford and Son etc.

He was a regular on ER, and appeared in countless films. He was already playing old men when he started working more regularly in the sixties. It was his appearance in the beer-bong comedy “Old School” that seemed to register his face with the public more than anything else in his lengthy career.

About sixteen years ago, there was a restaurant I ate breakfast at regularly that had a black guy working the door who was good about finding me a table no matter how crowded the place was. One morning he approaches me looking kind of embarrassed and asks me if I minded sharing a table.

The place was packed, I was hungry; I told him he got me on a good day and tell him no problem. He seats me and a minute later this old codger who looked like Poopdeck Pappy approaches my table. “This should be an interesting meal ” I thought to myself. He introduces himself to me as Pat, we shake hands, and we go about the business of eating, interspersed with occasional small talk. “I’m in the movies, you know” he tells me. Like Zero Mostel in The Producers, I roll my eyes and think: “How do they find me?” I didn’t say anything; my parents taught me to be respectful of older people. But I’m quite sure the look on my face probably said: “Yeah, you and Sharon Stone!”

He didn’t choose to press the point. We continued eating and went our separate ways. Two or three years later I’m watching that incredibly stupid Beverly Hillbillies movies on HBO.

Guess who’s in it?

As time goes by, I spot him in PEE WEES BIG ADVENTURE ( he’s NOT the hobo on the train as has been erroneously reported, but one of his friends at the drive-in premier in the last scene) ,THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, MOVING and BEST IN SHOW not to mention several commercials and tv series appearances.

Well, I’ll be dipped in dogshit…that old fart really WAS in the movies.

Guess I owe someone an apology.

BR January 2006


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