BOOB TUBE by Brian Roper

Posted: November 18, 2006 in The Roper Files

I’ve blogged on here before about how much time I spend/waste going to YouTube instead of working on the next podcast (link on your right) or writing for File23.

Have also spent more time than I choose to remember arguing with a very motley zoo of various NeoCon stooges (see WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID?) after posting some (admittedly) smart-ass comment underneath some Neo-Con-posted video. 

This has however, given me a much deeper insight as to how the Bush/Cheney administration has sold the American public ( or at least 40% of it, anyway ) on the war in Iraq. Found one video I won’t name here where some prick goes to a Cindy Sheehan appearance at a Brooklyn church with a camcorder. He catches up with her at one point and talks to her. 

You can tell by the look on her face she smells a rat and tries to keep moving on, but this creep lies to her and tells her he represents a Pro-Marxist website and she talks to him briefly as he edits in various images ( Karl Marx, Stalin, etc. ) of various Commies just to make sure you get his point. Apparently this asshole was so devoid of any real personality the only way he could get her to talk to him was to go into a church and tell a lie.  God’s going to get you for that one alone, pal.  Exactly what kind of American Values does THAT represent? 

The most reprehensible aspect to all of this was the barrage of hateful comments underneath.  A written transcript of your typical Al Queda press statement doesn’t contain as much totally mindless, pure unbridled, vitriolic hate as the more-often-than-not mispelled comments underneath the video. “5 stars! Fukkin kunt!” “Dam that bich is ugly” etc.  I refuse to quote any more; you get the point.  

And this isn’t the only one. Found another one where a woman at a anti-WTO protest in Florida is shot repeatedly with rubber bullets by laughing policemen for no reason.  Apparently the cops in Miami must be the biggest pussies on Earth if it takes 50 or 60 of them in full riot gear and armed to the teeth to get one woman off the street.  But words fail me in describing the repellant nature of the hundreds of comments underneath. “Fukin bithc deserved it”  “Shoulda been real bullets” etc.  And so on and so on and so on….Whenever I find a long lengthy page of such obvious morons defending the indefensible, I’m truly ashamed to be an American.  In fact, it makes me ashamed to be part of the human race. Pompous self-righteous assholes! You deserve to be stripped of your basic civil rights. You deserve the Patriot Act. You deserve Cheney telling you to go fuck yourselves.

I can’t believe I live in a country where radio stations have fanatical rallies with bulldozers running over something as innocuous as piles of Dixie Chicks CDs in the name of FreeDumb. Between that and those two-dollar flags waving on everyones’ car antennas like so many generals staff cars, I’m sure Bin Ladin is quivering in fear.That’ll show ’em! Take that, you bad old terrorists!

But as I said earlier, NOW I realize the general complacence with the Iraq War and the War On Terror. We’ve become a nation of Chicken Littles.Remember that REEFER MADNESS back in the mid-80’s called RED DAWN? Look out! The Commies are dropping from the skies! 9/11…same principal applies here.For the NeoCons, it has to become very important to keep the Trade Center towers perpetually falling from the sky, and to keep us looking over our shoulders for it.Never mind Bush and Cheney have become Al Quedas’ best recruiters. Never mind it’s costing us 4 million dollars we don’t have every minute.  Never mind Al Queda just released a 5-year anniversary video congratulating themselves on the Trade Center attacks and getting away with it. Never mind there were no WMDs. And never mind we have genuine problems with Iran and North Korea making plutonium ( the kind that real WMDs are made from) while  they know our troops are stuck dick-deep in Iraq for who knows how long.

My friend Mack White (see called us a Sissy Pants Nation in a recent blog and he’s so right if the Bush apologists can be so threatened so easily by the likes of Cindy Sheehan or the Dixie Chicks, of all things. I’d hate to see how they would react if confronted with a genuine threat. I don’t think your typical American would recognize a real threat if it hit them in the face these days. If anything, Sissy Pants Nation is an understatement at best.

Oh, and one more thing:  a big fat File23 ” thanks-for-nothing”  to the 60 percent of registered Texas voters who had something more important to do than take 15 minutes of your precious time to get up off your fat pimply asses and go vote November 7th.  You lazy bastards.


November 2006 


Whenever I attempt to post a comment on YouTube now, instead of the usual “Thank you! Your comment has been posted ” window I get one that says:  “Your comment will be posted after it is reviewed”   Obviously, I’ve hurt some big bad NeoCon-knuckleheads’ feelings and they’ve gone and complained about me.  That’s OK though.  I can take it.  But they can’t censor File23, or at least not this week anyway.  So fuck ’em!



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