Watermelon Man (1970)

Posted: October 30, 2006 in 2006 NEW Reviews

UNDER $10.00 DVD Reviews
file 23 Magazine 2006
reviewed by BRANDON BUSCH

This movie WATERMELON MAN kind of changed a lot of things in my little world, way back at the very start of the freaky ass 1970’s. I was just a kid, and not too bright, but I could tell, this world was not fair and balanced for no one. As I watched this movie at a long torn down drive in theater, snuck into some older kid’s VW camper backseat, Mr. Van Peebles made that point very clear, and also made it very funny too.

The star of the show, Godfrey Cambridge has been almost forgotten by all but the most furious of movie buffies, and by both the white and black subculture perhaps, but what a comedy genius the man had. I picked this DVD up at a half price book store around the block for 5 bucks – still in the wrapper.

This movie will make all your PC friends cringe, so it’s worth the price of admission ($5.00) right there. No CGI, nobody gets killed, it’s more of a thinking kind of movie. Can be viewed at many different levels. WARNING : Godfrey C. drops a few choice words in a few places, if you are squemish, we warned ya.

Not too much nudity, but you better keep the kids away from this one till they get a little bit older, or they will be asking you A LOT of fun questions.

I loved this movie in 1971, and I love it today. Mario Van Peebles went on to make some HISTORY in the movie business. This movie stands up well, and still has a funny story to tell, 35 years on. Haven’t listened to the directors commentary yet, will update this review when I have done so.


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