Posted: August 16, 2006 in The Roper Files

While bored and sitting at my computer the other day, I clicked on YouTube. Started looking at film trailers and found one for an anti-Michael Moore movie I won’t name here. Looking at the more often than not mis-spelled comments I saw only fertile ground to urinate on. I posted a comment (“Fahrenheit 9/11 made 160 million…this made…?” )

If I was trying to touch a raw nerve, I succeeded big-time.

Almost immediately replies start popping up in my YouTube Inbox. “Are you a Russian?” is the first one. That’s odd, I thought Joe McCarthy was dead. Resisting the temptation to reply with a good old-fashioned “fuck you twice, buddy” I sent him a overly-polite response instead, not taking his bait. I tell him no I’m not a Russian, just a very pissed-off American. This just sets him off even worse; “You’re not an American!” Says who, dickhead? Immediately a barrage of vitriolic one-sentence replies begin ( was the light bulb in this arrogant pricks’ head just flickering on and off or what?) each accompanied with a YouTube clip. 

First is a clip from THE LAST SUPPER with Bill Paxton ( who went to my high school ) along with the comment: “This is a video about people like YOU” Paxton: “… you liberals make me sick…you liberals don’t believe in anything…you don’t what’s like to fight for what you believe in, etc…” ( You mean like the tours of duty Bush and Cheney did in Vietnam? ) For some reason he didn’t bother to send me the part later in the film where Paxton proves what a moron his character really is. Just the sort of “selective editing” Moores’ critics love to accuse him of. Looking back, I should have sent him a clip from THE DARK BACKWARD with Bill Paxton. It contains a pretty good approximation of what I see America looking like after the Bush/Cheney administration gets through with it.

 Next was a video by some right-wing cable-access blow-hard talking about Mexicans taking all the jobs because blacks are lazy etc. This butthead needs to be dropped off in the middle of South Central LA for the Reginald Denny treatment, the sooner the better.

Next he sends me some inane JibJab cartoon ( Oh God; talk about somebody who needs a real job) along with a comment about welcoming me to the New World Order Thanks, I was wondering what that stench was. The JibJab cartoon ( set to “Oh Susannah” ) cheerfully shows how “Big Box” buys goods from Red China and puts factory workers here on unemployment. Uh, yeah. OK. Thanks for reminding me why I rarely shop at “Big Box”, but your point escapes me. An unscrupulous company that buys goods made by slave labor ( from a Communist country, no less ) and puts factory workers on welfare here is a GOOD thing? And you called ME a Communist? Screw you and yours, you self-righteous sack of shit! 

I grew weary of this game in short order and wound up blocking this jackass and his septic flow. What’s the point of arguing with some Neo-Con Goodfella; I could have been doing something more productive like washing the bird-droppings off of my truck. Shame on me.

 According to this assholes’ YouTube profile he’s a “conservative businessman” ( a bigger threat to this country than Michael Moore will EVER be with their carpetbagging cheap-labor conservatism) but I would think a real businessman would have more things to do with his spare time than engaging in this sort of puerile nonsense.

You called me under-educated; and I suppose sending me hateful one-sentence-at-a-time e-mails is the obvious earmark of a higher education than mine.

Since you’re so fond of making assumptions about people you don’t know, let me take a wild guess; could you possibly be the producer of that previously mentioned box-office stink-bomb nobody paid to see? If so, too bad you didn’t lose your ass and wind up on the streets, vulnerable to those “lazy” blacks, or worse yet us blue-collars you openly despise so much. Think Marie Antoinette. Think Benito Mussolini. Get the picture?

Should you ever develop an actual personality and become capable of exchanging civil dialogue, ( and oh yeah, I’m holding my breath on THAT one ) you can e-mail me anytime at http://www.fuckallyouglobalistswine.com

Oh, and if you’re not too busy, go to Hell !

PISS on your New World Order,

 Brian Roper

August 2006


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