FIERCELY Liberal, and DAMN proud of it!

Posted: July 24, 2006 in file 23 News

I was coming home today, in the ususal crappy “Fort Worth Rush Hour” traffic, and what do you know, a string of Lexus drivers came careening, and veering, right into my lane, and then slowed down to a crawl. I honked my horn, and one of the Lexus drivers proceeded to flip me off!

Stupid little yuppie puppie. A pink faced little wimp. Typical.

So I pulled up next to him, and rolled down the window. I asked him “You got a problem with me? Huh?” and he said, (after a few of the traditional pleasantries that Texas weather and traffic can elicit from tired and hot travelers), “Oh, your just a liberal, a democrat, that explains it”.

Explains what?

Why I dont like to be pulled in front, of and treated rudely like I don’t exist?

Why I don’t like some returd flipping me the finger?

Why I HATE little pricks in expensive fancy SUV’s that their daddies bought them?


My politics are EASY to spot. I am NOT a Republican, I consider them cheats, thieves, liars, and worse. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

Today’s Republicans are stupid, myopic, reactionary little piles of wombat shit as far as I am concerned. And the name sounds sooooo dignified, so let’s call them what they REALLY are. They are NOT PATRIOTS….NOT FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE….NOT FAMILY ORIENTED…They are just…. “CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES“.

That’s it. That is the entire dogma of the sinking, stinking, carpetbagging, Republican party. For your information, I think REPUBLICANS have SOLD the rights to my country without even asking for permission. So may they all go to sheol…

If you call me a liberal, I cant fight you, it’s true. I still believe in the constitution, I still agree with the bill of rights, and I believe all people have the right to decide how to live and be happy, without a KGB mentality government trying to prod, watch, and regulate the people endlessly.

And, as for you, my little Lexus driving buddy, with Texas license plate (*26 – FZ*), well, I’m looking at your arrest record, (which is available off the net, by the way,) and seems you had a little problem with the law recently. Seems you got a little drunk and drove that Lexus when you weren’t supposed to. So, driving legally is not really in your “Republican” skill set is it?

Why don’t all you little Lexus driving tightassed “Republican” neoconmen just KISS MY ASS?

I am FIERCELY liberal, even more so today, and DAMN proud of it.

But, if you call me a Democrat, well, that just shows how STUPID you are. I’m voting for KINKY FRIEDMAN for Governor. And he’s an independant, a word most Republicans are not familiar with. (It’s the root word for Independence. Look it up.)

And he just might win.

So take that, you ol’ scalawag…



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