New Podcast coming this week (07-23) from the file 23 Midnite Ramblers!

Posted: July 22, 2006 in file 23 News

Click here for the file 23 Midnite Ramblers : The Great Junebug Experiments

We finally have all the kinks worked out of the system. (Translation, we finally read all the help files, and got serious and said “We have to figure this shite OUT!”).

More great music, news about the site, and lots more including our NEW call-in line, at 206-202-3696, all this and our warm dulcet toned voices too, coming up, just as soon as we finish the last 5 minutes of this week’s podcast.

Featuring the groovy editors from the semi-legendary file 23 Magazine, Brandon Busch and Brian Roper, captured indelibly in sparkling digital audio, for all to hear. It’s simply not to be missed…

Stop by, and listen to theĀ  first show : The file 23 Midnite Ramblers Bookmark it, and check it often. We are so busy, we might do TWO shows this week.


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