Hotter than the Dickens. And, boy, is that hot….

Posted: July 20, 2006 in file 23 News

All across America, people and animals are sweating the heat. The plants, the roads, everywhere the HEAT. But they say it will break. Is it all we think about anymore? It seems so.

Great News Department : Almost all the old file 23 Magazine articles you love…are coming back in the file 23 Masgazne Archives. Which are located here. And all those great DVD reviews you remember, and read over and over as a kid? All safe, and archived right here.

Where’s CRANKY the CLOWN? been lately? Who knows…
We are looking for him, but, honestly, he’s been in such a funk recently, who knows when we might hear more from the comic crusader.

(Word is, he needs to pay a few bar tabs before he shows up back in any bar within 10 blocks of our office).

Anyway we MIGHT be getting something out of his old tanned hide soon. He’s still under contract.

MORE news as it develops…


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