Posted: May 27, 2006 in CRANKY the CLOWN

Being as File23 is run on a modest budget, we can't afford to pay our Political Analyst a lot so we stand behind Cranky (or downwind from him, anyway) but his opinions are strictly his own much like his odor. He currently lives in the alley behind the File23 Compound and works for an occasional bottle of MD 20-20, so without further ado, File23 proudly presents Cranky The Clown.

Greetins, cretins! Cranky The Clown here. People sure are walking funny these days; maybe it's that gas nozzle jammed up their asses! And the Oil Patch Babies aren't doing a damn thing to make it any better. Mass transit here is a joke at best. In Japan they have trains that go 100 mph. Been on a train here lately?

Buses that run once an hour; YOU go stand in the hot Texas sun for an hour! Fort Worth has the WORST cab service on earth, bar none.

This is stupid. This is insane. This is retarded. This is bullshit! WHY do we put up with this? WHY ?

The Mafia or the drug cartels can only dream of such a monopoly; a racket or whatever you want to call it. Just like everything in Las Vegas is engineered like a machine to strip the tourists of their money, our society is geared it seems for the big sub-total of keeping us lined up at the gas pumps.

When Bush was governor of Texas he didn't do a damn thing except getting ready for the "election" He let pollution get worse. He introduced "tort reform" which sounded good on paper, but ultimately ended up resulting in making it harder to sue people or companies if you were hurt or injured or made you have to settle for less. Or nothing.

By the mere act of dying, everyone seems to have pretty much forgotten the utterly horrible legacy of Ronald Reagan, who among other things gave money, arms and weapons to our good friends in Iraq, Iran and oh yes, let's not forget his ole buddy Osama Bin Ladin.

Oh, and Bill (have a cigar) Clinton? Joking about inhaling on Arsenio Hall and MTV and then once elected passing even more draconian drug laws than the elected Bush. He turned our country into a Gulag. Companies that owned and operated "privately owned prisons" became Fortune 500 members. We have more people in prison right now than South Africa did during the height of Apartheid. Do you see anyone on this side of the bars getting bent out of shape about it? A majority of the prison population are illegal immigrants who aren't supposed to be here anyway, but the Torture President pleads for the American people to "show compassion" for the estimated 12 million illegals (and that will probably be 13 million by the time you read this) rather than admit to the piss-poor job they've done in keeping them out while they talk straight through their assholes about national security.

Read my butt-lips: BULLSHIT GOVERNORS MAKE BULLSHIT PRESIDENTS! Don't make me repeat this. But it's true.

Two more years. The longest two years of our lives. Bush and Cheney will leave office millionaires. Do you really think they're worried about their ever-sagging poll numbers? What about the rest of us? Can we really afford this?

2008 is more than my running for office in all likelyhood against Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger; who by the way is currently playing the part of Governor of California, the same state that gave us Ronald Reagan. My question is simply this: did we learn anything? Or will we keep making the same mistakes again and again? WHAT DOES IT TAKE to give America the bitchslap it needs to awaken from its' stupor? Are we all going to have to be behind coils of razorwire at some KBR/Halliburton//DynCorp-owned "correctional facility" first?

Wise up! Vote Cranky in 2008!

And Just Say Nein to Arnold!


May 2006


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