The Week that Was – file 23 for February 12-17

Posted: February 19, 2006 in file 23 News

cross platformWhew- we have so much going on. Looks like we have finally settled down on a scheme for the site. Now we just need to polish and make it shine. (Wax on, Wax off)…Remember, we test this site in Windows, Linux, and on a Mac (when we have access to one), testing it in over 5 different browsers, in all.

We believe everyone deserves to see our page correctly. Let us know if you can’t get file 23 Magazine in your browser, we will try to FIX IT so you can!

Anyway, all last week, the “slightly slower” mainstream press has been running down the Republican “gun bearer”, the “creepy V.P.” Dick Cheney, and they just won’t stop.

The man’s political career is neck deep in a nasty “do-do pool”.

Well, back off, news boys. Our very own CRANKY the CLOWN pegged this guy for trouble way back in ’02.

Where were you when he LIED about WMD’s? And where was your coverage, when his OBVIOUS improper ties to Haliburton and multi TRILLION $$$ kickback / payola contracts came to light?

And the whole “Scooter” thing, huh?

Where were ya?
CheneyNRA.gif(BTW- Wonder if the NRA is considering getting the “Cheneyman” to take Chuck Heston’s place as their “Spokeshooter”? Now that’s a perfect match.)

Just listen to the big media spouts, “bloggers” have been screaming Cheney is Dr. Stangelove for years, and NOW, all of a sudden, it’s finally all over the media. Ughh…

The guy nearly wrecks the world with cockamamie ideas of eternal corporate war, and all the newspapers and glossy “newfotainment/” magazines get upset about is this: he had a beer, went huntin’, and BLASTED his good buddy in the chest with a little buckshot? And then…conveniently forgot to tell anybody?

Hoss, believe you me, that happens “ALL THE TIME” in Texas.

But now he’s in REAL trouble?…Sheesh. This story ain’t over till he’s impeached and run out of Washington.

After all, neocons in general, and the “Dick” in specific, are nothing more than cheap labor capitalists dancing around wrapped in a big stinking, rotten, blanket made of their skin deep morality.

In other news, frigid weather wrecks havoc across America: either “Mother Nature” is going seriously wacky, or someone “MAY” have diddled the wrong weather system one time too many. Thanks.

That Powerball winner in Nebraska? They’re now that state’s largest industry.

And just forget the weather for a minute, Houston Tx. got a little chillier this week as the Houston police chief expressed his desire to “put police cameras in apartments and even some private homes“.Yikes, can’t you just hear those property values going up, up, up?

The first independent Texas gubernatorial candidate since Sam Houston, who WE think is an all around great guy, as well as articulate thinker, Kinky Friedman gets a REALITY Show on Country Music TV. If he gets on the ballot in the Lone Star State (hint) maybe there is hope for “Texas Politics”, after all.

Cause the “hair spray Republicans” are running Texas into the ground, as fast as the lobbyists can cut the checks.

Scandals are to republicans as stink is to bulldookie: a warning to all of something smelly and bad, yes, but endemic to the process, and generally not too suprising, in the great scheme of things.

Follow the money, honey. Remember kiddies, “all your retirement benefits are belong to them.

puppy linux rocks like your favorite band. Front Row.And speaking of a national scandal closer to home, we had the Windows “blue screen fairy of computer OS death” visited our office last night, but THIS TIME around, we simply plugged a live CD distribution of our favorite Linux into the CD drive, and *PFFFFT* No more “Windows” worries.

Invasion of the Computer Snatchers, indeed. More like shitty corporate product research and development.

Seriously folks, LINUX is the way we are headed. Corporate sales forces have never given us, our company, or our computer, timely affordable support, or even access to the software we need, when we need it.

(And just forget all that stupid DRM corpo-fantasy crap. It never works. Never. Nope. Never.)

Around here “Windows” died one more time today, and we are finally a totally “Windows FREE” shop, and the open source software community grew a little bit bigger, and one little piece stronger, today.


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