Posted: January 22, 2006 in 2006 NEW Reviews

for file 23 MAGAZINE


I’m amazed it took me a month to write this review. Especially since I loved the first three volumes of this series; just like the first three seasons I missed most of the 11 PM broadcasts and this 2-disc set allows me to catch up.But it took me a month to got through these two discs.

Gone are the Dr. Weird intros; now we get Spacecataz featuring those abrasive aliens the Mooninites. And I sure could have done without the PLAY ALL feature that gives you a pointless Spacecataz 13-panel screen-saver.

You have to go back to the menu and play the episodes one-by-one. There’s also a PLAY NONE button (see PLAY ALL)on the menu in case all of this wasn’t smart-ass enough for you.

There are a few bright spots on the discs, but be prepared to wade. UNREMARKABLE VOYAGE is probably my favorite episode on the first disc; the rest are pretty forgettable. THE SOUTH BRONX PARASITE DIET, DUSTY GAZONGAS, and T-SHIRT OF THE DEAD are probably the best three episodes on the second disc and are a little closer to the spirit of the first three seasons.

This season involves too much recycling of obnoxious characters that weren’t that funny to begin with. They seem to be have that sixth-season of Seinfeld “hey we know we’re funny and you know we’re funny, so why should we even try anymore?” syndrome and it ain’t pretty.

This has to be the weakest of the four sets; if they keep up like this Master Shakes going to wind up on that bottom middle Hollywood Square in between Bobcat and Gilbert Gottfried.

Jan ’06


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