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for file 23 Magazine 2006


Oh great googly-moogly…where oh where do I start on this one? I’ve already covered Volumes One and Two in previous reviews and much of what I wrote then applies here.

Brandon wasn’t too keen on my idea of reprinting one of the old reviews and changing the title to Volume Three just to see if anyone would notice; something about insulting your intelligence or what-not, I don’t remember; I wasn’t really paying too much attention and…what was I just talking about? Oh yeah…

Anyway, I guess it’s worth pointing out this is the “post-cancellation” season. In the first episode on the first of the three discs, Peter comes in and announces “We’ve been cancelled!” Lois asks if they stand a chance of getting back on and Peter replies by saying :”Only if ….( rattling off the names of a 29-title list of shows Fox has premiered and cancelled since they dumped FAMILY GUY)… get cancelled first we might stand a chance!”

The first two discs have four episodes each and the third disc has five. I COULD attempt to break this down by titles and plots, but it would take all day and it’s sort of pointless in a way. Titles and plots are almost irrelevant in this series; everyone I’ve shown these to have favorite little “bits” that each episode is peppered with, and few, if any of them have anything to do with the titles or plots anyhow. If you’ve ever been to Fazed or you may have probably already seen some or all of the following as Media Player vids.

So instead of my standard form of review, I’m trying something different here. Here’s two dozen reasons (and NOT a complete list, I might add ) you need to buy this box:

Disc One:

1. Peter wrecking his car while reading a comic book

2.the Wonder Twins bit

3. the return of the Bad Coupon chicken

4. Quaqmire peeping on Lois in the bathroom

5. Mort Goldmans’ rendition of “The Morning After”

Disc Two:

6.the barbershop quartet “You Have AIDS song”

7.Lois dropping her pants and bending over and telling Peter: “Hit me!” (this is even on the screen-saver for all three discs, giggity,giggity!)

8.the PeterCopter and

9. the HindenPeter

10. “Seven. Seven prostitutes.”

11. Peters breakfast machine

12. the longest barfing bit I’ve ever seen in a cartoon

13. Peter asking pharmacist Mort Goldman if the suppositories come in different flavors

14. Lois in an “X-Men” costume

Disc Three:

15. Brian the dog caught by Stewie dressing up as Lois

16. the “Four Peters” bit

17. Barney Rubble using a pelican for a toilet

18. “Reagan Smash!”

19. Peter out-farting Michael Moore

20. Peter’s Christmas Carol CD ad

21. ” I miss you so much, Captain Caveman!”

22. a Alfred Hitchcock cameo

23. Stewie as Tootsie

24. Two episodes on this disc have endings that parody scenes from “Raiders Of the Lost Ark”

What else do I need to say? Thirteen episodes of the best animated series on TV today. Go buy this thing!

Oh, and Volume Four comes out this spring!



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