Posted: January 18, 2006 in 2006 NEW Reviews

for file 23 Magazine 2006

Beavis and Butthead

The 1990’s were dreadful years if you spent too much time watching the news, but they were primo years for animation. Duckman, the Simpsons, Liquid TV, the Critic as well as Beavis and Butthead gave us many blessed, HOLY moments of much-needed silliness during some very grim, un-silly years. I’m talking about the whole laugh-to-keep-from-crying thing here if you know what I mean. Only FAMILY GUY today holds a candle to any of these shows and carries on in the same irreverent fashion.

And here thanks to the miracle of concentrated digital hold-it-in-your-hands DVD technology, is the first volume of Mike Judges’ favorite B & B shorts. There are three dics in the set. The first two contain twenty choice episodes each and have the music videos that were in the original broadcasts edited out, probably because of the Pandora’s Box of potential legal problems and paperwork that we mere mortals outside of MTVs Legal Affairs Department and their attorneys can only imagine. The third disc has a mere eleven music videos with B & B’s “commentary” that made the originals so much fun to watch and their Video Music Awards “appearances” Some people I know like having the music videos edited out, but I think it creates too many new edits and makes the way the episodes play now kind of choppy for lack of a better word.

But it’s great having this stuff on disc at long last (unless you were quick enough to pick up the Time-Warner TV-only box) Words fail me in describing the pure JOY of re-watching “Home Improvement” “Lawn And Garden” or “Pool Toys” in full digital glory. Coach Buzzcut and Mr.Anderson were such great characters as well as perfect foils for Beavis and Butthead. KING OF THE HILL would NEVER be this much fun.

Although the third disc kind of waters this thing down a bit, the first two discs are still a blast and make this worth getting.

I can’t wait for Volume Two!

Jan ‘-6


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