Posted: January 18, 2006 in Reviews Archive

for file 23 Magazine


With the exception of all that anime crap, I love the nightly Adult Swim portion of Cartoon Network.

I broke down and bought both of the Aqua Teen sets because it used to come on really late and I got tired of falling asleep in front of the TV waiting for it to come on and then waking up during the last five minutes.

To the uninitiated, this show is really confusing. Forget trying to explain it (like I’m fixing to attempt) to your friends.

One acquaintance recently described this as a Happy Meal on acid, and that’s about as accurate as any a description I guess. It’s about the adventures of Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, a fast-food trio of detectives who live in New Jersey of all places.

Their neighbor Carl is where this show really excels. Has any cartoon series ever come up with a more All-American character than Carl? Fat, bald, hairy and really stupid, I think Carl epitomizes your average American better than Homer Simpson, or Peter Griffin.

Both sets have two discs and are padded with a whole lot of why-bother extras.

My favorite episode in Vol.1 is “Love Mummy? where they find a really demanding Scooby Doo-type mummy under the house. The best episode in Vol. 2 has got to be “Super Bowl? where Meatwad wins two tickets to the Super Bowl and he finds himself surrounded by friends he never knew he had.

I love Carl’s truly pathetic attempt to suck up to Meatwad. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll either love it or hate it; it’s that type of program. Volume One has a beautifully embossed cover whereas Volume Two has a simple black and white front.

I hate rap but I gotta admit the Schooly D theme is catchy, but you’ll get tired of hearing it after 26 times.

As far as most cartoons go, this is a generally well-written series. It’s perfect viewing for adults who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons. The animation looks like they’re using computers, yet it remains simplistic in a Hanna-Barbara sort of way.

If you like watching cartoons, I recommend it; but if you think adults watching cartoons is some sort of social abomination, you’re on the wrong Website!



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