Posted: January 18, 2006 in Reviews Archive

for file 23 Magazine


Hooray! Two more discs of Cartoon Networks’ most inventive series!

The first two episodes “Frat Aliens��? and “Total Recarl��? are great introductory episodes even if you haven’t seen either of the previous two sets (and the Dr. Weird intros still don’t make sense, but that’s just part of the fun.) and are probably my favorites on Disc One.

“Revenge Of the Trees��? is about as bizarre as cartoons get these days.

The court scene drags the pace, but they literally tear Carl a new one.

In “The Cloning? they set a great “Shining “-type of mood; I won’t ruin the ending here.
There are nine episodes on Disc One, none with commentary.
Disc Two has four episodes and are also the only four episodes that have commentary, as well as many extras.

“The Last One? is like a reunion piece for every one-shot character they ever used on previous seasons.

Not recommended for first-time viewers; this one confused me!

What episode did that floating robot clown head come from?

Speaking of clowns, “The Clowning? is another one of my favorites; man, do they give Carl hell in this season!

“Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary? has guitar whiz Zakk Wylde as himself.

I can’t really recommend this unless you’re already a fan by now.

They haven’t lost their inventiveness yet, and I’m ready for a big ole heapin’ helpin’ of Season Four.



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