Posted: December 3, 2005 in Best of file 23, CRANKY the CLOWN

Originally Posted on 12/03/2005

Greetins cretins, back in beautiful Fort Worth and I’m as full of piss and MD20-20 as ever. Only three years and counting until the 2008 election (my next run for office) and we’ll finally be rid of this horrible, unethical, no-account, and completely self-serving administration.

Watching Bush and that warthog Cheney on TV repeating the same lies over and over to their $500 dollar-a-plate, pre-screened, pre-approved dinner audiences is almost too much for yours truly to bear.

Is this a Teflon administration?

It’s so transparently working to it’s own best interests (the VESTED kind) and yet it seems subject to only the most impotent of investigations. Does anyone besides me give a shit anymore?

That old cliche about the rich getting richer etc. has never been more true and yet people are assaulting each other at the doors of Wal Mart for a remote chance of getting that new X-Box. You people make me sick! Have we become that disgustingly placid? A bloated society that does nothing while the king and his cohorts loot the National Treasury?

If so, then Democracy is dead and this country doesn’t have enough self-respect to be called a regime! What’s happened to our dignity? Are we all that pussy-whipped into silence? It’s time to let out a collective yell. It’s time to pierce the silence like a knife and let out a collective howl, a roar of outrage that will let them know and know well we’re NOT going to forget this any time soon.

The half percent of our population that owns everything in America, spent forty years becoming filthy rich by lying to us about the Russians having more weapons than us and were going to hit us hard ANY MINUTE NOW and now that They can’t get away with that bullshit anymore, They’ve just changed “Communism” to “Terrorism”. “Russia” to “Al Queda” (you remember, the guys with the Lex Luthor Website, but yet They Can’t Be Found)…

Any real threat outside this country is only out there because They’ve permitted it. They need it. They feed on it. Being a mere millionaire is an indignity to Them; They want to be billionaires, dammit! My question is: do WE need THIS as a way of life? 2008: write in Cranky The Clown and just say Nein to Arnold!

CRANKY THE CLOWN December 3 2005


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