STEWIE GRIFFIN: The Untold Story

Posted: October 19, 2005 in 2006 NEW Reviews

for file 23 Magazine


“Direct-To-Video” carries a negative connotation, but that’s exactly what this is; an hour-and-a-half FAMILY GUY feature. If you watch the show, you’ve seen the ad for this. Is it worth twenty dollars? If you love FAMILY GUY, yes.

If not, well… First off, this is NOT for children. There’s stuff on here I didn’t need to see for that matter, like Lois throwing up, or Elmer Fudd actually shooting Bugs Bunny dead, and wringing his neck.

On the other hand, the Hanna-Barbara-like opening credits, with their eye-pleasing pastels and the lush accompaning orchestra music is so delightfully nostalgic it brings a tear to my eye. The disc begins with the Quohog local newsteam announcing the big premiere party for the feature, which leads into the Coming Attractions and the all-too-familiar Fox Feature Presentation opening.

There are three interlocking stories going on at once, the first concerning Stewie having a near-death experience. The second involves Peter getting a job doing commentary on the local news and the third involves Stewie seeing what he thinks is his father on TV and then finding out it’s himself from the future visiting our time on vacation (got that?) The disc ends with the big wrap party at The Drunken Clam and Peter having a few last words about farting.

There are many, many wonderful “bits” scattered all through the disc. I love the ad for Wild And Wacky Waving Arms Tube Man Emporium, a simply delirious 60 seconds. Or Lois entertaining at a bachelor party, or Stewies’ Sexy Party sequence and so many more I can’t name them all here. It’s all so rapid-fire, it’s mind-boggling.

This is however, old 70’s-era National Lampoon Magazine-type humor, the nothing-sacred, nothing-goes-too-far type that will definetely offend some people, but I get the feeling the folks behind this series aren’t too worried about it. The disc has dual censored and uncensored audio tracks and a commentary track featuring Seth MacFarlane, various cast members and the writers.

FAMILY GUY Volume Three comes out in November!

Oct ’05


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