ON NO! Little Buddy is DEAD!

Posted: September 10, 2005 in Best of file 23

Everyone loves you when you’re dead, or so the old Stranglers song goes...

We lost Bob Denver last week.

Turns out he had cancer and would explain his recent marijuana possession charge. He was probably suffering the ill effects of chemotherapy and not his still-born career, as the talk-show mockers seemed to imply.

Like Anthony Perkins and Fred Gwynne, he became forever known as a single character that followed him to his grave, like that last party guest pumping the keg, the one you have to explain to them that the party’s over; go home. They even poked fun at him on South Park, portraying him as a guest on Jesus’ cable access show. (“What have you been doing, Bob?” “Oh, nothing.”)

I think it took Paul Ruebens and Michael Jacksons’ legal problems combined to give the late night talk show hosts more fodder for their joke mill.

I once saw an old beat-up white cotton hat in a Santa Monica store in the Promenade in a display case with a $400 price tag. A sign said it was one of the original Gilligan hats and came with a certificate of authenticity. I bet. OK Bob’s face recently was pretty scary, kind of a Jimmy Carter Of The Dead, but his younger Gilligan face is undeniably recognizable world-wide.

Gilligans Island is probably on somewhere right now, dubbed into a language neither one of us speaks. So RIP Bob Denver; you earned it. I like to picture you in Heaven, smoking a fattie and drinking pina coladas out of those coconuts with the long straw while lying in the skippers’ hammock. And slinging the empties over the side, scoring direct hits on the talk-show hosts below.



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