Posted: September 5, 2005 in CRANKY the CLOWN

cranky06x.gifWell, Mr. President, I trust you had a decent vacation…. …NOW GET TO WORK!

And that goes for the rest of you, too! Greetins cretins; Cranky The Clown here reporting here from the New Orleans city limits.

I’m bunkered here in an abandoned motel with my new shotgun, my new Glock and enough ammo for a brief stand-off. I’m sending this to file 23 H.Q. on my new 17-inch laptop, and I’d like to thank the liquor store down the street for the free case of MD 20-20!

I’m waiting for them to drain the floodwater so I can go in and plaster New Orleans from one end to the other with my CRANKY FOR PRESIDENT 2008 flyers, stickers etc. I predict in 2008 everybody should still be pissed off enough to the point I’ll be a shoo-in! Before Katrina hit, I was in a Dallas recording studio with my band, The Grassy Knoll Boys, recording my new country-protest CD: “Cranky Music For Cranky People” The way I figured it, why should the country-music guys have a monopoly with their pro-war songs?

I’ve written a collection of anti-war tunes with a “country” flair just to piss them all off. Songs on the CD will include: RING OF LIARS STAND BY YOUR SCAM WHERE WERE THE F-16’S (Before the Towers Fell) BUSH AINT WORTH MISSING I WANNA SHIP CLINT BLACK OFF TO IRAQ …and many, many others.

All proceeds from the sales of this CD will of course go to fund my 2008 presidential campaign/crack/MD 20-20/edible panty/escort services fund. Hey, is that a Office Depot across the street? Think I know where I’m going to get my jet ink-printer for the CD covers! Stayed tuned to this blog-site for further updates! CRANKY THE CLOWN


CRANKY the CLOWN cranky06x.gif


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