Posted: September 3, 2005 in 2006 NEW Reviews

for file 23 Magazine


I bought this a week and a half ago, but I’ve been hopelessly glued to the television courtesy of Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing disaster all week.

So hey look Brandon, I’m finally writing this thing…This is a live performance in Brussels on December 2, 1999.

Iggy is backed by a four-piece band (the Trolls) and for someone pushing sixty, Iggy rocks! This is from a tour promoting his just-then released “Avenue B” CD and the 21 track, 88-minute set is heavily padded with tracks from that.

What matters here are the songs we all REALLY want to hear.”Raw Power” “Search And Destroy” “I Wanna Be Your Dog” “No Fun” If these weren’t included, I’d feel cheated. There’s also a great cover of “Shakin All Over” and he closes with a wonderful cover of “Louie, Louie” . Which reminds me, during “Lust For Life” there seems to be some sort of encoding flaw, because at least on my copy, it stops and either starts at the beginning or jumps up a couple of chapters. Or I’ve just plain wore-out my DVD player.

What the hell…at least it wasn’t during the previously mentioned tunes. They did a good job of mixing the stereo mix; (you also have a choice of 5.1 Surround Sound) this thing is LOUD, and appropriately so. Rock and Roll is supposed to be loud, and this disc is no exception. So in conclusion, go buy this, play it loud, and piss off your neighbors.

And if your copy does the same thing as mine during “Lust For Life” PLEASE write to the file23@usa.com address and let me know. Oh, and donate a few bucks to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army while you’re out spending money.

Sep ’05


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